There would have been tours happening in May and June/July + an LP release but because of the COVID 19 we arent sure how any of this is going to play out.

For anyone who planned to come to one of the allready booked gigs you are great and thanks a million

If you booked us I will be in touch soon and we can figure stuff out. Also write me whenever! You are also great and the bees knees!

Be safe and aware

- Magnus



13.12.19 Hjemme hos Laurits, Halden, Norway

20.10.19 Vigelands Mausoleum, Oslo, Norway

18.10.19 Siste Reis, Halden, Norway

17.10.19 Mir, Oslo, Norway

13.10.19 Vaktbua, Kristiansand, Norway

12.10.19 Statsraaden, Bergen, Norway

27.7.19 Fluff Fest, Czech

26.7.19 The Bar, Wroclav, Poland

25.7.19 Ada, Warsaw, Poland

24.7.19 Wagenplatz, Hamburg, Germany

23.7.19 Heikes, Hannover, Germany

20.7.19 Wolimierz Anarcho Folk Fest

4.8.18 MN Festival, Mørvika, Østfold, Norway

23.2.17 The High Water Mark, Portland, US

17.2.17 Kalakala, Whidbey Island, US

25.1.17 The Broadway house, Santa Cruz, US

11.1.17 Hays house, Olympia, Washington, US

10.1.17 Detroit Haus, Portland, Oregon, the States

19.11.16 Vigelands Mausoleum, Oslo, Norway

18.11.16 Blitz, Oslo, Norway

3.9.16 Jigsaw, Dublin, Ireland

19.8.16 La Baf, Grenoble, France

17.8.16 La Loutre, Gentioux, La Salle

16.8.16 The river, Nevers, France

15.8.16 Les Tanneries, Dijon, France

14.8.16 Zona Mutante, Geneva, Switzerland

13.8.16 sweet oldtimejam in Frankfurt

12.8.16 Mains @ wagenplatz

11.8.16 Hambach forest, Køln, Germany

10.8.16 Bauwagenplatz, Køln, Germany

9.8.16 Wagenburg, Munster, Germany

8.8.16 Headshop, Nijmegen, Netherlands

7.8.16 Wagenburg, Oldenburg, Netherlands

5.8.16 Arcanoa, Berlin, Germany

4.8.16 Plagwitz, Leipzig, Germany

29.7.16 Klinika, Prague, Czech 

28.7.16 Bajkazyl, Brno, Czech

27.7.16 KE28 Garden, Leipzig, Germany

26.7.16 Fischlanden, Berlin, GErmany